Close your eyes.


And now tell us:  What would your dream dining experience be? Can you imagine it? 


We have created elBarriTours for you, a customized service for our most exclusive clients, including reservations of your choice in the restaurants of ALBERT ADRIÀ.


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100% tailor made tours.

Create your experience with elBarriTours, make a la carte surprise selection from our restaurants according to your preferences. 

Subject to availability.

Ensure your table at any of our restaurants at elBarri for that special day!
Experience a magic dinner at one of our best tables and personalised attention of our entire team.

Get the reservation for the same day without waiting! 

Subject to availability. 



Let Albert Adrià guide you through elBarri restaurants!

Get a taste of Tickets, Bodega 1900, Hoja Santa, Niño Viejo and Pakta  in a single night guided by Albert Adrià and a luxurious car to take you from one restaurant to another.

Take a unique culinary journey and have the gastronomic experience of a lifetime. (max 6 people).